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Acronyms and Abbreviations



ALTA                         American Land Title Association

APR                           Annual Percentage Rate

ARM                          Adjustable Rate Mortgage

ARV                           After Repair Value

AUS                           Automated Underwriting System

BFS                            Business For Self

BK                              Bankruptcy

BPO                           Broker Price Opinion

CC&R's                     Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

CLTV                         Combined Loan-To-Value

CMA                          Comparative Market Analysis

CO                              Certificate of Occupancy

DOT                           Deed of Trust

ECOA                        Equal Credit Opportunity Act

FCRA                         Fair Credit Reporting Act

FDIC                          Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FHA                           Federal Housing Administration

FHLMC                     Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation ("Freddie Mac")

FMV                           Fair Market Value

FNMA                       Federal National Mortgage Association ("Fannie Mae")

FRM                           Fixed Rate Mortgage

FSBO                         For Sale By Owner

GFE                           Good Faith Estimate of Settlement Cost

GNMA                       Government National Mortgage Association ("Ginnie Mae")

GWD                          General Warranty Deed

HEL                           Home Equity Loan

HELOC                     Home Equity Line of Credit

HMDA                       Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

HOA                           Homeowners Association

HUD                           US Department of Housing and Urban Development

LTV                            Loan-To-Value

MBA                          Mortgage Brokers Association

MFG                           Manufactured Housing

MFH                          Multi-family Housing

MI                               Mortgage Insurance

MLS                           Multiple Listing Service

MPC                           Master Planned Community

NAR                           National Association of Realtors

NOC                           Notice of Completion

NOD                           Notice of Default

NOI                            Net Operating Income

NOO                           Non-Owner Occupied

OO                              Owner Occupied

P&I                            Principal and Interest

PITI                           Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance

PMI                            Private Mortgage Insurance

PPP                            Pre-Payment Penalty

PUD                           Planned Unit Development

RESPA                      Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act

REO                           Real Estate Owned

ROI                            Return on Investment

SE                               Self Employed

SFR                            Single-Family Residence

SWD                           Special Warranty Deed

TD                              Trust Deed

TI                                Tenant Improvements

TIL                             Truth-In-Lending Disclosure Statement

URLA                        Uniform Residential Loan Application (1008/1003)

VRM                          Variable Rate Mortgage

WD                             Warranty Deed