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I started my career in Real Estate in August of 2006, right before the market went sideways; initially it was because I was interested in the investment side of real estate but soon it became my mission to assist individuals who were losing their homes and the confusion and fear that went along with it.

One of the reasons I was so insistent on helping is that my own family faced foreclosure a few years before; my parents had divorced, leaving a single mom with two kids and a mortgage and our budge was pretty tight. Thanks to a savvy Realtor, we were able to keep our home because of her recommendation to refinance the home, but the threat of losing it was real…it was this that motivated me to get educated in the process.

Not only does our team bring extensive education, experience and knowledge of the Valley and the market, but we also offer a FREE consultation with our Attorney who will walk you through ALL of the options available to you.

Being faced with a foreclosure is a scary thing and many times it is more about being faced with the unknown than anything else. Heidi’s team wants to be there for you, to support you and educate you along the way and that includes all areas of real estate, including assisting you in keeping your home, if that is a viable option!

In today's real estate market dealing with a short sale team like Heidi’s is a necessity and she will show you how, in all cases and if necessary, a short sale is the beneficial alternative to foreclosure. 

In addition to this relevant expertise, Heidi is detail-oriented, excellent with deadlines and motivated by helping people to locate their dream homes. She also derives satisfaction from guiding clients through all phases of the transaction process successfully. These professional strengths, coupled with her passion, integrity and personal experience with relocation and property investing, make Heidi Tourangeau the ideal representative for either a buyer or seller in the East Valley market.

When Heidi is not working with clients, she enjoys following professional sports, spending time with her dogs, reading, staying active in the community through alumni and nonprofit groups and learning more about the role that real estate professionals play in preserving the environment.

Heidi Tourangeau welcomes questions from buyers, sellers and investors and is happy to share her industry insights. Reach Heidi by cell phone at (480) 862-2597 or at [email protected]